Your How To Guide On Latex Clothing

By on December 13, 2013



We all love the feeling and look of latex clothing and costumes, so making sure you give proper care, and maintenance to your latex wardrobe is crucial and will also provide many years of pleasure and wear.

Latex clothing can be difficult to put on and take off, which doesn’t help when you’re trying to look and feel as sexy as possible. The action of putting on latex clothing, which is skin tight and slick, can ruin the material as it can leave permanent finger marks, stretch marks, or even split it, so you need to be patient when getting into your outfit, and use baby powder generously on the inside of your garments. Another option is to use silicone spray or a non-oil-based lubricant to make putting on your clothing easier. We sell them here at Skin Two, if you get stuck.

Never grab the latex material with your fingers, as this will most likely finger dents or rip your clothing, use your whole hand to pull the clothing. Use your hand to gentle adjust the latex, until the garment is in place properly. Use as much baby powder or lube as you feel you need; excess can always be wiped off as needed.

Make sure you’re aware of your fingernails and jewellery or watches, as these will catch the latex and possibly split it.

When you remove your latex outfit, again make sure that you gently use your whole hand to shift the material inch by inch, otherwise you could damage it.

Cleaning Latex Clothing

Sounds pretty simple, but it’s crucial that you wash your latex garments after each use, as it’s common to sweat in latex, due to its snug fit. By regularly washing your clothes, it’ll allow you to maintain the appearance of your clothing and also making it easier to get on next time.

When washing your latex clothing, use a small amount of soft soap in lukewarm water to rinse your garments. Don’t scrub them, as this may damage the latex. Gently wipe the latex with a soft cloth, both inside and out and rinse completely. When drying your outfit, gently shake it to free any excess water, then pat with a towel, and hang to air-dry in a room temperature setting. Any remaining water streaks can be gently wiped away with a soft cloth as your clothes are drying. You may also want to lightly shake some baby powder inside your garments as they are drying to prevent sticking.

Properly Storing your Latex

When putting your gorgeous latex outfits away for the night, don’t store them in direct sunlight, as the sun’s rays will cause the latex to quickly fade or turn white.  Make sure you store your latex clothing in a cool, dark, dry space, preferably in a clothing bag. Don’t use any wire hangers, thin hangers, or hang an outfit from the straps, as this will cause the outfit to lose its shape. Make sure you use a wide plastic hanger to help your garment keep its shape; wire hangers, thin hangers, or hanging an outfit from the straps may cause the outfit to lose its shape.

Shining Your Latex Clothing?

Similar to leather, latex requires shining and care in order to look its best and develop a bright sheen.

You can use a silicone spray made for Latex to polish and build the shine of your garment. Other products, including household polishes, are not recommended for use. The more often you spend time polishing and shining the latex with a soft cloth, the shinier it can appear.

Building a shine is as simple as three steps: firstly, spray one side of your outfit entirely. Let the silicone spray absorb into the latex material, and do not wipe it. Turn your outfit over once it has dried and proceed to spray the other side. Taking care to spread the silicone spray softly into areas you may have missed, make sure you have covered all areas. Once the garment is dry, pick it up and examine it carefully to ensure you have thoroughly shined the entire garment. After this initial application, you may notice a shine beginning to build within three to four thorough applications. Once you begin to notice a shine, do not stop polishing and maintaining your clothing. Though you may wish to step back the frequency of building the shine, your outfit does require maintenance in order to build and maintain the shine you worked so hard to create.

If you follow these tips for wearing and caring for your latex clothing, your outfit should provide you with years of happy use and satisfaction.

Good luck-and enjoy your latex!

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