Xplore: The Art of Lust, Berlin 24-26 July 2009

By on July 1, 2009

Xplore The art of lust

A three day event held annually in Berlin, Xplore 2009 will build on the themes of BODY ART LOVE advancing the traditional ideas of love and relationships by weaving them with creative sexuality, BDSM and Body art.

Xplore presents a range of workshops offering practical opportunities to learn basic skills for sensual play, from gentle body practices such as massage and Tantra to the intense stimulation provided by SM-Play. There will be workshops dedicated to information and communication, providing a space for discussion and intellectual exchange. Several artists are also invited to present their own vision of Art and Eroticism, using their specific medium to realize performances, concerts, installations and workshops.

Art Practices
Some like it hot (Concert) Nikola Lutz
Frozen (Performance) Richard Hancock
A dance of Passion (SM and Tango) Effie and Theotan
SM on screen Catherine Corringer
Bone Sex Jess Curtis

Body Practices
Yoga and SM Elektra
Sex Toys Laura Méritt
Oral Orgasm Norah Nova
French Kissing Bridge Markland
Sensual Massage for Men Thomas and Kai
Sensual Massage for Women Laura Méritt
Massage as Role PlayThomas and Kai
Trampling Nala
Hot WaxHagen
Whipping Felix Ruckert
Ropes Enji Rayd
Foot Torture delta
Foot Worship delta
Rubber Yoga Devi Maya

Love Practices
Aware and Assertive Zana Tondela
BDSM – Coming Out Laudana
Devotion Norah Nova
Power and Passion Kai Ehrhardt
Authentic Eros Thomas and Kai
Seduction by Communication Henri
Polyamory Laura Méritt
The Ethical Slut Dossie Easton
Radical Ecstasy Dossie Easton

Panel Discussion
Attractiveness Henri, Rudolf, Laura Méritt, Dossie Easton

Xplore Xtras
Massage Lounge with Ancsa and Hilde
A Place for Ties Hagen, Enji Rayd, Arlis & weitere Mitgliedern des Studio SIX Berlin – Osada Kinbaku Dojo
Self / Nude Autoportrait Melanie Derouetteau

Full Program: Available here
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24-26 July 2009

schwelle7 – Website
Uferstrasse 6
13357 Berlin-Wedding

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