Wicked Grounds : San Francisco’s Fetish Cafe

By on April 29, 2011

Wicked Grounds, San Francisco is a kinky cafe inspired by London’s iconic Coffee, Cake and Kink plus the coffee shop culture of Chicago. In the nearly two years it’s been open, Wicked Grounds has become “the third place” for local and traveling pervs.

Situated in the south of market district it’s highly convenient for pre or post snacks if one is visiting the Citadel, Bondage a Go-Go, Mr S Leathers or the Folsom Street Fair, as well as being a kink friendly place to do business or just relax. The coffee served is Ritual, one of San Francisco’s best and there are teas, other drinks, home baked goodies, sandwiches and other vegan, vegetarian and gluten free offerings. Wicked Grounds is open every day and late on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday until 2am.

We’re fussy about our beverages; Wicked Grounds never fails to provide that elusive “great coffee” not often found in the US and also provides an atmosphere where play is allowed (street legal please). One never knows what the other pervs might be about to get up to.

Now Wicked Grounds needs the help of the perv community. Whilst setting up, Mr & Mrs Wicked Grounds (Rose & Ryan) hit many issues bringing the cafe up to SF code. This delayed their opening date by months and cost them many tens of thousands of dollars. Despite the cafe being a successful business and growing all the time, they’ve carried the large initial debt and recently took the heartbreaking decision to close the cafe.

Buoyed by local support, they were encouraged to stay open for a month and to set up a “Kickstarter” style effort where pervs could pledge to provide funds which they’d only cash in if the total reached $50,000 – the minimum they needed to help clear some of the debt and move forward. They’ve reached this goal and are now aiming to raise enough to clear all of the opening costs whilst restructuring the business to make them even more successful and here for some time to come.

We’re supporting them, will you?

Wicked Grounds is at www.wickedgrounds.com

by Ariel Motta

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April 29, 2011 @ 22:41

I always knew I would end up in photos for Skin Two, but I didn’t know that Wicked Grounds would be the cause of it. Woohoo! And it looks like we are also close to reaching our fundraising goal!

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