Who Loves Giving Oral Sex?

By on March 25, 2013

Whilst it’s impossible to trace the origins of the first ever oral sex experience – at some point someone thought ‘hmmmm I wonder what that will be like…?’ There’s no doubt our curious nature has had a big part to play in the emergence of fellatio and cunnilingus in our every day sex lives but there are still millions of men and women around the world who recoil in horror at the proposition of giving oral sex.


If we step back in time briefly to Ancient Rome where fellatio was considered profoundly taboo we can see just how far we’ve come. The ancient Romans and the Greeks were undoubtedly a randy little bunch and never shy of the odd sex party where all manner of fetishes were explored… but the act of giving oral sex was distinctly frowned upon!

So why is it almost three thousand years later when we are all exploring various sexual acts that some of us are still very much against giving head? We may be slightly biased in saying this as we sell all manner of naughty things for each and every persons needs… but surely now we should all be comfortable enough and willing enough to explore other avenues of oral pleasure?

Us men are more than aware that it’s no picnic going down on a guy but there are a number of ways you can overcome this… flavoured lubes being one of them:

flavoured lube

Flavoured lubricants are a great way to make the whole experience all that more enjoyable. Whether you’re a strawberry, banana, bubblegum or cherry fan using a nice fruity lube really can also spice up your sex life and offer something different to the norm. If your partner is apprehensive about doing the deed lubes can be a great way to break the ice.

Now we all know sex is about give and take but guys just because you enjoy spending time down there doesn’t mean she necessarily will do… it’s a sticky matter! There will always be many different reasons why some people love it and some people hate it… but one thing is fairly certain – we all enjoy receiving it!

No doubt this debate will go on and on but whether you love it or hate we want to know why?

Let us know your thoughts…

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