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By on April 3, 2013

Dungeon hire is a growing way to enjoy BDSM. You may have some equipment at home, but this way you can get away from the kids, get into a totally different atmosphere and leave your everyday life behind for an hour or two. So we’re glad to say let you know about a new dungeon for hire in the North London area… The Serpent Rooms.

You enter into the reception area where you can relax and have a coffee or tea. There is also a separate shower and toilet facilities in this area.

The main dungeon room is where you will find most of the equipment and toys. To name a few: upright cage, laying down cage, leather finger trap cage, restraining table, inversion bench, leather four point sling, leather seated harness, ankle and wrist suspension cuffs, spanking bench, throne, cross attachment on walls, metal shackles, metal stock, metal sensory deprivation helmet, violet wand and more.

It is well equipped but not over crowded. Everything fits in very well and can be adjusted to make more space if necessary. The ambiance is very atmospheric and hours can be lost in this room as you dive into your fantasy world.

The smaller upstairs dungeon room can be converted easily into two different rooms. The day time option is with the double bed folded up and attached firmly to the wall to reveal a beautiful St. Andrews Cross on the underside of the bed. When the bed is up, this allows for other pieces of portable equipment, including a massage/bondage table and a bondage/cbt chair, to be used.

You can stay overnight too, in which case the bed can be folded down and there are multiple ways to attach your sub to it. Whether your preference is spread eagled or kneeling facing the wall, this bed is equipped with strong attachment points for many different positions. For punishment there is a cage to put your victim in whilst you enjoy the comfortable bed or, to be even more cruel, you can attach them under the bed and enjoy the fact they can hear, but not see, their Mistress/Master.

If you need more space, there is an upstairs room which is matted on the floors and the walls. This room is perfect for wrestling or any other activity which requires more space.

The hosts are very friendly and welcoming to anyone interested in exploring their fetishes. When you hire The Serpent Rooms they will show you round, going into as much detail as you like about all the equipment. So if this is your first dungeon experience, don’t worry, everything will be thoroughly explained. And it you need an expert to help you out at any point throughout your time in the rooms then this can be arranged in advance.

The Serpent Rooms charge only £100 for three hours rental and overnight stays are £130.

Website> www.theserpentrooms.co.uk

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