We Are Alt: Nicholas Price's Fetish Photography

By on May 13, 2010

Acclaimed photographer Nicholas A. Price reveals his latest collection, titled We Are Alt. Price travels into the realm of the alternative, training his creative eye towards what some would call the darker side of human nature, the sensual and erotic world of human fetish in all its fascinating forms. It’s a visually stimulating photographic journey into the pleasure principle.

Price’s unique photographs are completed using traditional black and white film and darkroom printing processes. Every stage in the production of the final print is undertaken by the artist personally, making each print unique and highly collectable.

Most of Price’s clients purchase or commission works directly with the artist but, for the first time, a selection of prints from this collection is available to view and buy on the web.

Price has spent the past decade documenting America, through the lens of his manual film cameras. He describes his methods simply: “It is not that I don’t embrace technology, I love science – it’s just that the technology in my field of creativity does not embrace me, my vision for perfection, something precious and a true story. The wonderful tangibility of film and traditional process still remains both exciting and unique. The quality and beauty of the finished work is incomparable to any other method.”

Recently, sixty of Nicholas Price’s photographs were acquired by one of the world’s most prestigious institutions – the United States Library of Congress. His collections have been published in three different books as well as numerous magazines and international media. He has had his work exhibited at key events and institutions throughout America and it is collected in more than thirty five countries.

Originally from England, Price lives and works in the United States. He is an acclaimed photographer, sculptor and painter. For more information on Nicholas A. Price and the We Are Alt. Collection please visit www.WeAreAlt.com

www.WeAreAlt.com is the official website for the We Are Alt. Fine Art Photography Collection. Photographs can be viewed and purchased through the online store or customers can place orders directly by calling the USA office +1 702 471 7709. All sales and enquiries are kept strictly confidential.

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