Wasteland – Berlin.

By on October 2, 2017

Saturday October 7th.

On October the 7th we celebrate our 7th run! Our last underground edition was a great success… and sold out!

Together we’ve created a smashing party vibe with fetish lovers from all over the world! Once again it will be held in the infamous Kitkatclub.

Robert Babicz <Systemetic Rec.> | Ben Manson <La Demence | Rapido> | Criss Source <Parquet Rec.> | Micky Tiger <Meshugge bar | Tribehouse> | Hardy Heller <Ohral Rec.> | Marc Screw <Electronic inc.> | Mischa von Takten <Electronic inc.> | Tabou <Pleasure | Amused Rec.> | Serge Laurent <Piepshow Berlin> | Hedo Vicioso <GFB | Wilde Orchideen> | Rene MD <Schloss Milkersdorf> | Valerian <Atmospheric | Catonium> | and more….!

Anatopia (Live) <Berlin> | Lea Montravers <FR> | Vivid Angel <UK> | The Robots <BEL> | Tom Harlow <UK>| Tatjana Warnecke + Joey Love + Cyberesque <Berlin> | Alexa Ferocious + Roxy Galore <NL> | Marnie Scarlet <UK> | Ana Bolika <GER> | Twice Shy Peepshow <UK> | Go Go Fuckers <NL> | Shoe Shine Slaves <Berlin> | Eli el Sultan <FR>and more….!

Run Paint Run <Amsterdam>

Heinrich von Schimmer <Berlin> + Peter Dircken <Amsterdam>

4 DJ Floors | 4 Show Stages | Surreal Visuals + Special Effects | Play Areas + Dungeons | Lounges | Chill Zones | Sauna | Massage | Blacklight Bodypainting | Caribbean Catering | Fresh Fruit Service | Cotton Candy + Pop Corn | Pool | Smoking Area | First Aid | and more….

STRICT FETISH DRESSCODE | The decision of the bitch is final!
Leather, Uniforms, Plastic, Rubber, School Boys + Girls, Metal, Cross-Dress, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Medical, Body Art, Fetish-Goth, Fetish Steam Punk, Baroque | No casual street wear. No combat army dress.

The dresscode is vigorously checked by our doorbitches. The door is actually the place where playing begins. There are no ticket refunds if the dresscode is not adhered to.

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