Wasteland Amsterdam.

By on November 3, 2017

November 25.

The wildest party on earth! Invites you and visitors from all over the globe to celebrate freedom. The theme is Burtonesque (Inspred by the work of Tim Burton)

Dj’s: Lucien Foort, Clark Kent (DE), Eduardo de la Torre (DE), Michael Markowitz (DE), Grant Nelson (UK), Rene Amesz, Benny Rodrigues, Killian Sawn, C-Jay, Mayday, and more …

Visuals: Run Paint Run, Kabinet Azar and more …

Shows: Fashion Show by Louis Fleischauer’s AMF Korsets (DE), Opening show by Dennis Diem, Yusura (JP), Louise L’amour (PT), Go-Go fuckers, Shelly D’inferno (UK), eXtreme (It), Olifanttakeover, Nikita Klosewood (FR), Flesh Factory, Marnie Scarlet (UK), Duo Raw (SE), Max Absolute & slutty please (UK), Divine Putain (FR), Dani Divine (UK), Viper Squad, Soulfire (USA), VOLKOVA & The Den of Iniquity (UK) and much more ….

Strict dresscode: The Decision of the Bitch is final!

More info at : www.wasteland.nl


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