Wasteland Amsterdam – Europe's Biggest Fetish Event

By on October 8, 2013

Wasteland Amsterdam – Europe’s Biggest Fetish Event

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NOVEMBER 30th  2013
Location: Northsea Venue,  Amsterdam -Zaandam (Netherlands), Hemkade 48
Time: 22.00 – till 06.00 hour
Tickets: 49,50 Euro Pre sale (ex fee)

Europe’s  biggest and best known fetish event welcomes  you and  more  than 3000 fetishists from all over the globe to the North Sea Venue in Amsterdam-Zaandam, Netherlands on November 30th for the ultimate fetish party of the year.

Enjoy the best of three dance floors, six stages, smoking area, restaurant, lounge, relaxation area, first aid services, fully equipped dungeon and more.

DJ’s : Lucien Foort , Benny Rodrigues,  Andy Jones, Brothers in the booth , Ruber Ron (UK),  Sjeazy Pearl ,  Ben Manson (FR),  Dennis Ruyer, The G-team , Diva Mayday, When Harry Met Sally,  Paul Guicherit, Mai-Lan, Emiel Roche and others.

SHOWS : Choreographed show,  Aerial Plastic by Leila Koeckenberger, Le Directeur,  Marnie Scarlet (UK), Morrigan Hel (UK), Sophia Landi (UK), Sexor (UK), Natsumi Scarlet , Go-Go Fuckers,  Phil the fetish dwarf (UK), 7 pressplay,  Dominatrix Julie Simone (USA),  Aurore Petite  Sukub (FR),  Andromeda Circus (UK), Missa Blue  (UK), Breath Catchers  and  much more …

VISUALS : Kabinet  Azar, Run Paint Run, V-tox and others .

We have a bus service from the centre of Amsterdam to the location.


Wasteland has a strict dress code. We expect our guests to express creativity and fantasy into their outfits.

Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish-Goth, Fetish Steam-Punk, Baroque, Uniforms, Leather, Metal, Plastic, Rubber. (Casual Street Wear and Combat Army uniforms are NOT allowed).

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