Vivishine Latex Polish just slipped in to Skin Two Clothing!

By on April 22, 2011

Skin Two Clothing are very pleased to present a revolutionary new duo of latex shine and dressing aid products, ViviShine and ViviDress.

Vivishine is an extremely potent potion that will transform your unpolished rubber clothing instantly, to an intense shine that will almost never fade! Simply submerge your garment into a container of water with a couple of drops of Vivishine and then prepare to admire your new, deeply shiny rubber! This will also condition and help care for your rubber clothing, so well maintained it will last much longer, Vivishine can even help replenish old and stained rubber that has lost its luster or discoloured.

ViviDress is a dressing aid developed to a similar recipe that will help you slide effortlessly into your rubber clothing whilst also caring for its surface. Used inside transparent clothing it will create a much more dramatic finish, it is solvent and odour free and a perfect partner to the polish.

At Honour you can snap up both Vivishine and Vividress together for the fabulous price of £32.50! They’re also available individually at the still smashing prices of : Vivishine – £15.99 and ViviDress – £21.99 so don’t hang around get super shiny today!

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