Velvet Tongue – London’s Erotic Literary Soirée

By on January 6, 2013

Velvet Tongue is dedicated to erotic writing and performance, with poetry, fiction, spoken word, plays, stand-up, comic strips, cabaret, monologues. With some of the country’s most exciting writers and performers of erotica and plenty of sexy open mic slots for anyone who wants to join in. Ernesto Sarezale started Velvet Tongue in February 2011.


“After many years considering the possibility of hosting an erotic literary event in London, I finally went for it. Our venue, the Bar Kick, is a trendy sports bar in Shoreditch which, unknown to many of its punters, hides a charming little performance space in its basement.

For many years, I had been thinking that there was a niche for this kind of soirée and I felt – rightly as it turns out – that there was a demand for it. I had experience organising queer poetry nights (Glam Slam and Homophone) but I wanted to try out something a bit more “polysexual” and varied, including not only performance poetry but also other literary forms and performance approaches. Among events that have inspired me I can mention poetry open mic nights and literary salons in London. But VT is closer to an event called Perverts Put Out in which I once participated in San Francisco. The event, which normally coincides with the Folsom Street Fair in September, gives voice to alternative sexualities and lifestyles so prominent there.

What to expect at Velvet Tongue? If you are a member of the audience, the opportunity to hear the stimulating and diverse voices of people from all walks of life dealing with intimate aspects of their sexuality. If you are a writer or performer, the opportunity to present your own erotic material at one of the open mic slots (booking in advance by email is recommended) in front of an appreciative audience. To ensure quality literary standards, I always invite three or more guest performers who I know are going to deliver something exciting.

Velvet Tongue celebrates the hot, the sweet, the carnal, the provocative, the pervy, the licentious, the queer, the depraved and the downright kinky. Potential contributors should not be scared; rather, they should be excited at the prospect of performing in front of a warm, open minded and enthusiastic audience.”

Velvet Tongue will be back in 2013, probably on Monday 25th February.
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Things people are saying about Velvet Tongue…

“Fun, diverse and so sexy!” (Five stars)

“Whether you’re a performer, a poet, or just like listening to other people’s fantasies, Velvet Tongue offers a place to hear and be heard.”
Erotic Review Magazine

“Velvet Tongue is the word-spinning sister of the burlesque revival that has stormed London – humorously titillating with tongues very firmly in cheeks” “…a wonderfully entertaining way to spend the night”

“…exploratory literary night of performance and poetry with a raunchy edge”
Time Out

“It’s the perfect place to try new work and show off your talent with a room buzzing full of writers and fans of poetry and word. It’s not simply readings though, the performers that it attracts are hands on, hansom and props and interaction with the audience often occur…”

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