Under the Bed Restraint System – You’ve Got to Try This

By on January 20, 2012

If you want something that’s fun and affordable and really works – something you will use time and time again, just try this… 

Under the bed restraintsAt the Erotica sex industry show a while back, I spotted this new product from Sportsheets, a US company with a fun, practical and value-for-money line of bondage toys. Their Under the Bed Restraint System looked like a winner. It’s a set of strong, light straps which you simply slip under the bed in a moment – and your partner is restrained and ready for you to do your worst…

It’s light, simple, really easy to pack for a trip, and you can stash it away in a corner of a bedroom drawer. One long strap slips under the mattress and four shorter ones come up at the sides. It comes complete with wrist and ankle cuffs that fasten in a moment with velcro. Then your victim is spread, vulnerable and unable to move.

Fasten them face down, so their rear is exposed. Or fasten them face up, so they can see what you’re about to do. It’s up to you. The set is quickly adjustable, so you can restrain a short or tall person to the bed in seconds.

The Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System seemed to good to be true, so I have been trying it out. It works really well, simply the best gadget I’ve tried in ages – far more fun and more useful than other bondage toys costing many times the price.

One of the great advantages of this product is that you can keep it “ready for action” at all times by just pushing the restraints under the corners of your mattress, therefore allowing the product to be discreet and accessible too!! It’s is also easily wrapped up for weekends and holidays where the fun continues!

The Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System is available from stockists worldwide, including our friends at Honour Ltd for only £39.99 Get yours here www.honour.co.uk/under-the-bed-restraint-system.php

See the full Sportsheets range of products here:  www.sportsheets.com

Tim Woodward



August 13, 2012 @ 16:47

I can also vouch for the fact this this is a quick and cheerful piece of kit, and highly portable – an option well worth the money

Suzanne Parker

February 2, 2012 @ 22:33

I had the pleasure of reviewing these restraints here http://sextoysbuzz.com/bdsm/sportsheet-under-the-bed-restraint-system it’s a very practical and fun way of engaging in bondage play.

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