Ulorin Vex: Model & Artist

By on January 9, 2013


Ulorin Vex is a British model who has been working in the fetish genre since 2004 – she actually had her first ever small publication in Skin Two issue 50! – and she became a full time professional in late 2008.


Ulorin has been working with with photographer Allan Amato since 2008 and they recently got married, which prompted her relocation to Los Angeles.

Their joint projects are varied and include a lot of images created for various latex designers and other companies. (The image with the dog and the one with the all-white outfit were for Joana at Peccatus latex couture – www.peccatus.com )

Be sure to check out Ulorin’s blog and especially her art, under the name Malady Charlotina…

Modelling: www.ulorinvex.com
Facebook: Ulorin Vex
Twitter: @ulorin_vex
Blog: ulorin_vex.livejournal.com
Art & Illustration: www.maladycharlotina.com

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