By on September 10, 2013


Portland USA is the City and Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso is the venue. Described as Portland’s most sexually kinky fetish night, here are a few details

     An evening of kink, sex and music at one of Portland’s most sexually kinky fetish nights! Twisted is a party where everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual desires, gender or orientation. It blends people from the kinky, poly, swinger and fetish communities.

This is the only party in town where you can dress up in fetish attire, eat, drink, dance, tie someone up, spank them, and actually f@%k in complete and total privacy. Cinch up your corsets, slip on those leather pants, slide into that latex skirt and bring your naughty toy bag for an evening of dancing, flirting, and all types of kinky adult fun. Enjoy whatever level of consensual adult intimacy you would like to explore in a safe, clean, professional licensed establishment.

In a full nightclub experience, Portland’s very own DJ’s spinning high energy music to play and dance throughout the night!

Club Sesso, Portland’s premier upscale adult lifestyle nightclub. With a full licensed on premise bar, dance floor and state-of-the-art sound and light systems, individual playrooms and group social areas, and professionally prepared buffet, Club Sesso is an adult playground where you can eat, drink, dance, and play all in on place.

For more details please visit the Skin Two calendar and click on listing for Twisted Party. Click on the event title at the top of the listing to be taken direct to the event website!

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