Truss Me, I’ve Been to a Lecture

By on December 4, 2012

Midori, doyenne of bondage, might come to your town. She comes to London and Eric tells the story…

So what’s it like? A lecture-demonstration of Japanese bondage techniques? Who would go to such an event? Purely from a sense of duty, your intrepid reporter attended a lecture-demo by Midori, the bondage expert, teacher and author, carrying a few miles of rope and various safety items, hoping that some time during the evening either he or a lovely young lady would get knotted.

Midori in Montreal

The audience was exactly what you’d expect if you’ve ever been to any decent fetish event, that’s to say we were completely normal, friendly, cheerful and had that same hot anticipation of how we’d end up. All had ropes and accessories, with one magnificent lady catching the spirit of the occasion by sporting full dom-fet PVC gear: top marks, Madam, for a stirring sight which put us right in the mood. Many of us were already keen on bondage and had bought Midori’s book, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage. Indeed, some had used it for homework before coming here. Interesting that there were almost equal numbers of men and women, not all as couples, ’cos a bunch of attractive women had arrived in ones and twos and had greeted each other with howls of joyful recognition.

As we waited for our lecturer to appear, I spoke to Mike, the event organiser and found that he’d first brought Midori to England in Spring 2002, when she’d lectured in several lucky cities and had caused quite a stir. Her invitation to return came from Skin Two as part of the 2003 Expo and Rubber Ball, where the theme had been bondage. Since then, she visits London regularly, as well as cities across North America, for lectures and demos. So here we were, fingering our ropes, discussing her book, and looking round at women we’d love to tie up.

Then Midori appeared, a slim, elegant figure. She was dressed in a form-clinging rubber cheong-sam which showed her figure to perfection. What can one say about her? She’s shapely, carries herself beautifully and has a lively intelligent manner, alert, good-humoured and thoroughly at ease amongst this audience, which, like your reporter, was already madly in love with her.

Oh yes, let’s not forget a guy she’d brought along; Bruce, a heavily muscled man much taller than she. He promptly whipped off his shirt and volunteered to be her slave for the evening. Bit disappointing, for us men had hoped to see at least one damsel put daintily in distress. But the women loved it: then, and throughout the lecture, they showed their delight at Midori’s thoughtfulness at using male slaves. One must say that the whole event seemed to be slanted towards the women – you’ll see what I mean in the course of this report.

Midori at Skin Two Rubber Ball

Midori’s lecturing style is most beautifully relaxed. She combines the precision and harmony of the Japanese with the laid-back life style of a Californian at its most attractive. Her voice is intimate, friendly, authoritative when necessary, but always commanding attention. She lectured from the floor, not the stage and moved amongst us, dragging Bruce along, to his evident delight, showing us one stage of rope bondage after another; upper body harnesses, a crotch harness, all leading to the full hogtie. Each stage was demonstrated clearly and each brought forth winces and beatific smiles from her slave, always to the accompaniment of howls of delight from the women. What is it which so excites them about seeing a powerful man hogtied on the floor, bound and helpless, being moved around and rolled over by this tiny lady’s delicate little foot? Surely they can’t be thinking “wait till I get you home.” Quite a few men hoped so, but their attention couldn’t match that of the ladies, who leant forward, moved eagerly to see more if their view was blocked, and were clearly turned on right from the beginning of Midori’s presentation.

Of course that had begun with an introduction, which stressed the importance of preparation: you’ll find it in her book. But what you won’t find there is the reality of how beautifully Midori goes about her task of applying bondage. Yes, the importance of harmony is emphasised, a harmony which is so built-in to intelligent Japanese that it’s difficult to explain to foreigners. It lies in the symmetry of ropes, of the exactly right positioning of every bond, of the relation between the slave and the rope, its colour, its texture, the essential rightness of the overall picture, whether it be flower arrangements or a haiku, or the pattern of ropes around the human body. It so happens I’ve visited Japan many times and some of this is half-known to me, but even so, I learnt much more from Midori, and not just about pleasing harmonies in bondage. For example, the session moved into actual bondage only after Midori had shown us the meaning of rope foreplay, how ropes can be trailed across the slave’s body, over shoulders, neck, arms, slowly and seductively or with a sudden harshness to remind him of his fate. And her use of her hands to move like feathers over his skin, or the slow, deliberate threading of ropes through those hands in front of him, all designed to raise his expectations and bring him into the right “head space”, as she put it. Not just Bruce, for the whole audience was rapt, tongues hanging out, the women craning forward hanging on every word and action. Did this scare the men? Like hell it did – we couldn’t get enough of it.

The Seductive Art of Japanese BondageNow Midori had told us she’d made a CD (Aural Seductions – Erotic Stories Vol 1) of herself speaking erotic texts. Good. But that bald title gives no idea of what happened next. During the rope foreplay, Midori slowly changed her whole attitude, her whole frame, and above all, her voice, into the most seductive and truly erotic mood one could ever hope to hear. It wasn’t a simple lowering of the voice or an attempt to sound smoochy: that would be crude.

No, she stood behind her slave, slithering that rope across his body, and featherweighting her hands all over him, speaking in a murmur which was charged with erotic tension in a way that must be heard to be recognised. Her phrasing, her pauses, the whole tone of her voice, as if her words were a song or poem, her slow movements around him, her constant teasing by rope, hand and voice, everything, put that Slave and that audience into a slow frenzy such that even before any rope had been tightened, any knot had been fastened, the slave and ourselves were fully aroused. Yes, the ladies noticed this and a well-aimed question made the rampant slave turn to display just how effective Midori had been, to howls and shrieks, gasps and giggles, from those overjoyed and completely excited women.

How could any man resist that foreplay from such a beautiful woman, so complex, so effective, and so expertly done? For that matter, how could any woman? It re-wrote the whole canon of bondage from mere bodily restriction to a manifesto of rope foreplay as an integral part of a whole and complete sexual experience.

It took us into a high from which we had to descend, those who could, because next we were shown the bondage scenarios, following much of the book but with extra unpublishable accompaniments. How a tiny woman can push and pull a big, muscled slave around with just his upper body bound. How that woman can lower him to the floor, by using her own body as a flexible slide down which he slithers, inch by inch, an erotic move which again had those happy ladies howling. And when the slave was on the floor in a complex hogtie, how to roll him over, move him around, put him on his side, even his back, with just a little jiggling with one tiny foot. During all this the wretchedly happy Bruce was bouncing from one side to another, thumping this way and that, rolling over and over as Midori happily and with the most charmingly sweet attitude showed how completely a bound man is at the mercy of his mistress. After he’d had a few heavy landings, a woman asked anxiously was he alright? and was rewarded with a look of such absolute bliss from him that everyone, even the men, burst out laughing.

More questions, more answers, more laughter. Indeed it was typical of the whole evening that Midori kept us not just frantically absorbed in the bondage but happily laughing, thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

We moved into the next part, the part we had been anticipating with our ropes and ancillary gear. The chairs were pushed to one side and a wide space cleared. Midori stood amongst us, and with Bruce freed temporarily, demonstrated on him in slow motion, step by step, exactly how to apply every rope, repeating where necessary. We followed suit, rope by rope, some achieving bondage, others having bondage thrust upon them, and a few not quite getting the hang of it. Midori walked from couple to couple, helping here, admiring there, making sure that our attempts were as satisfying as possible.

What about that group of delicious young women? Yes, they paired off with each other, to some extent, but two clearly wanted a really handsome, muscled and athletic he-man to practise on. So of course they chose me. Ho hum. They were delightful, happy, efficient young ladies and eager to do what so many of my friends would like, i.e. see me knotted. Electra took the lead and promptly slapped on an upper body harness, following Midori’s tuition. She knew her job, for it emerged she was there to perfect her skills as part of her chosen career. Her friend, Samantha, helped us to reach the next stage, a more complex harness. My protests – spoken quietly in case they heard me – that I was normally a top, went unheeded, luckily, and Electra and Samantha moved on to apply a full crotch harness. This harness has its own felicities which Samantha and Electra knew all about. They went as far as they could in public, so to speak, and all I can say is that if I were a pendulum clock I’d have been chiming midnight non-stop.

Around us other couples were in all stages of bondage, from complete to start-again-darling- it’s-too-loose. One girl hadn’t quite received the proper treatment from her partner, so she stood there alone and tied herself up most expertly, pausing only at the final rope. I would have rushed over to help except that I wasn’t rushing anywhere, not with Electra’s & Samantha’s ball control dictating my every move. We had a conversation, the sort one has with ladies who have just tied you up. Yes, Electra is Australian. Yes, Samantha is American, from San Francisco. Yes, each had access to studios and rooms where they could indulge their fantasies. Yes, I was welcome to visit them to find out more. And my own verdict, yes, they were superbly efficient at their task and damned good fun as well. Thank you, Electra and Samantha, I really enjoyed my work that evening and if any of my friends visit you I know they’ll come away satisfied. In fact… no, must keep my mind on my work.

All those others were in similar states of bondage bliss, women tying men, men tying women, all possible combinations. Some were really first class and had their partners in such happy helplessness that it was a real pity when time was called and our evening had to close. We could have gone on all night and I dare say many did, lucky so-and-sos. But Electra, Samantha and I had to part, tears in my eyes and not just from the crotch harness. They were truly fun girls.

My verdict on the whole evening? An event not to be missed, a lecture-demo which delivered all it promised and more. A lecturer thoroughly at home in her work, expert in content and presentation. I learnt much more than simple bondage: it was an experience I definitely hope to repeat the next time Midori is in town. Ladies, don’t miss it: you’ll enjoy seeing Midori exercise man control. Come with another woman so the two of you can learn the exact details and return home to surprise, and I do mean surprise, the beasts in your lives.

Thank you, Midori, for an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. And you too, Electra and Samantha, thanks to both of you. Now, let me see, where did I put your website addresses? Ah yes, here they are . . .

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage is published by Greenery Press and available through Amazon and all good booksellers.

Check Midori’s calendar for details of her appearances and subscribe to her newsletter for updates at

The photos show Midori at a Skin Two event (red wig) in Montreal (pink sweater) and in Berlin (with dodgy geezer)

Tim with Midori in Berlin

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