Troupe of Slaves

By on July 20, 2012

We like to entertain… ourselves mainly… and it’s a comedy show much of the time, with little more than white walls and floorboards for a stage.

I’m generally referred to as Old Master, because of my artistic tendencies rather than my age… of course. My trusty assistant, and the star of the show, is the inimitable skinny slave. The rest of the cast is a large, wonderful, and courageous collection of volunteers – I don’t hire models.

Furthermore, you may be amused to hear that I don’t possess a camera and that all my pictures are taken with a mobile phone, or more recently with an iPad style tablet (I can see the screen better). Lighting is provided by desklamps and the wonderful natural light in my studio. It’s not that I’m poor; it’s simply my style.

We’re always looking for keen, and especially ‘out of the ordinary’ models. You can contact us at:

If you’d like to see more pictures, we’re also on under Troupe_of_Slaves.

OM and ss

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