Tortured in the Orchard – Preaching to the Perverted Sequel!

By on December 17, 2013

The classic movie Preaching to the Perverted was a huge success, still showing in cinemas and still selling in DVD and Blu-Ray after 16 years.

Starring Tom Bell, Julie Graham, Roger Lloyd Pack, Guinevere Turner, Keith Allen, Ricky Tomlinson, Georgina Hale, etc, it made an impact far outside of the fetish world. Combining a serious political script with a big dose of good humour, it struck a chord worldwide.

Now, the campaign to film the sequel, Tortured in the Orchard, is under way. The new film will be made by the same director/producer, Stuart Urban, who made the original film as well as hours of BAFTA-winning TV dramas and internationally released movies.

The storyline of Tortured in the Orchard follows the 18-year old daughter of Tanya (Guinevere Turner) and Peter (Christien Anholt) becoming an intern to the British Prime Minister … much kinky mayhem and a constitutional crisis follow! Cast who have committed in principles far include Turner, Anholt and several more of the original’s name actors, including Ricky Tomlinson.

The production team are looking for serious investment for Tortured in the Orchard. Preaching to the Perverted was successful financially as well as artistically. There are attractive government tax saving schemes available for UK higher rate taxpayers. At this time, they wish to hear from those interested in subscribing to a minimum level of £5,000 of shares for development and production.

Serious potential investors please email to Tim Woodward in the first instance –

* These photos are stills from Preaching to the Perverted, which is available in DVD and Blu-ray form from

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