Torture Garden's first outing to Paris

By on June 30, 2009

The first Torture Garden in Paris kicked off in the early evening on ‘La Plage’ an outdoor beach area complete with bar and deck chairs. OK, Glaz’art, an exhibition/performance space in a north-easterly quartier of Paris, was not created specifically for a fetish event, and high heels and sand don’t make for the best companions, but there was nice ambiance and it was a relaxing start to a long night. I missed the burlesque and cabaret but did arrive in time for a dramatic pyro-technology display finalé presented by La Compagnie Vatra

maximonstermusicshow4Continuing indoors from 11pm onwards, my favourite act for the evening welcomed us in, and that was the Maxi Monster Music Show. A band that looked this good might have been excused for some rough musical edges, and a band that sounded this good might not feel the need to go to so much trouble to look so amazing, but musicality and pure theatricality shared equal priority. This band would fit in well at any of the world’s large music festivals and I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in the future.

Paris’s own Sascarmina and Moleskin left me breathless… perhaps biased as I am lucky enough to be a friend of Sascarmina, but what a treat to witness their visually stunning celebration of feminine eroticism, combining beautifully choreographed burlesque with a dark occult sensibility.

Empress Stah’s performances and the TG fashion show were testament to the high standards one would expect from the ‘world’s best fetish club’. Which it is and you can’t argue with me about that. I also adored the Tokyo Love Doll and was hypnotised by Satomi’s graceful and fluid shibari technique.

The venue worked well for me with a large outdoor covered terrace a perfect partner to the indoor concert hall type area. With a capacity of 500 it looked well over three quarters full. A sizable crowd ensured that you ran into almost everyone you knew at least once and you didn’t miss the scattered scenes of light depravity playing out in various corners of the room. A small, by appointment only, 10 person capacity dungeon had a queue outside all evening, inside was an array of equipment including a grand piano, which was used in ways I can only guess. For the French, known to love their BDSM play, this very limited capacity could well have been an issue, perhaps a more well considered dungeon space is needed for future events.


For a first event, the evening was a success, I saw both the London and Paris crews working their butts off throughout to ensure this and I applaud them loudly. TG can bring more colour and vibrancy to a fetish scene where there is just not enough choice. Fetish in Paris and the various Demonia parties are well established and a visit to any of those is worthwhile but Paris still needs more variety. With its cabaret/performance elements and quality music policy TG would not only attract regular visitors from the UK as well as the rest of Europe but create a new dimension embracing all sub-cultures, from BDSM players to young Bi/Queer to the fetish fashion crowd and fledgling Vampyre and Steampunk communities.

I know that I’ve had a good party when I am being pushed out the door at closing time. And there I was, at 6am, descending the Metro stairs already wondering when the next one might be…. (Soon, they say!)

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Thanks to Marcus T and The Fetish Saloon for the gallery of photos from the night.

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Looks fun… though the sand looks a bit odd…

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