Torture Garden – 25th Birthday Party. London. April 23rd.

By on April 9, 2016

25 Years of Torture

As the writer of this its only right that I start by admitting a huge bias. Twenty five years ago I attended the opening night – on a Thursday – of a new Club venture promoted by gothic Allen (he was then) and David Woods. It was a good night. Allen and David had made an effort to do something a little different, a bit more artsy and cutting edge perhaps than other Goth and fetish parties of that time. The crowd too was more diverse, the music more eclectic, and the visuals a bit deeper than the fetish cartoon imagery most others used. Since that night I’ve attended TG parties across the World, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Madrid to Hamburg, and beyond, more cities than I can remember. Throughout I’ve always felt that Allen and David (and now Charlotte and the entire TG crew) succeed because they work to create the party that they want to be at. It remains fresh because it embraces the new, the innovative, and the directional …….. in music, fashion, performance, and all aspects. It could be argued that other events, even on the fringes of mainstream, have caught up in terms of performance, but although they may imitate they have not bettered the TG concept.  Wherever they create an event TG attract a crowd of the coolest people of that area. I could call them the local freaks but, while that may provide a good visual reference its actually not that accurate. What you get is the most interesting people. People who want to dress up, try new ideas, personas, sexualities. New fashions, hairstyles, body art; in short the kind of folks who make great memorable, seminal, life affirming parties. A TG party is where these types of people find each other. Designers find models, photographers find great subjects, people find brief lovers, husbands, wives, lifetime partners. Its SOLD OUT over two weeks in advance of the event and its likely to be one of the biggest and best ever. I’m speculating there could be a lot of out of town people who enjoyed a visiting TG and want to be there to mark twenty five years, a big party brings out a lot of old faces. Twenty five years of torture, and we enjoyed every minute! Below are the details from the Torture Garden website – if you cant be bothered to read it all here’s a brief summary ……… all the stuff (music, fashion, models, performers, etc) that is currently cool + the things that soon will be.


The World’s largest & most famous fetish club returns to its spectacular 9 Room / 2400 capacity venue to celebrate an amazing 25 years of Torture Garden Events.

Latex Couture Fashion Shows by:

Torture Garden Clothing
Dayne Henderson
Lady Lucie Latex
Dead Lotus Couture

Performances by:

Skinny RedHead
Louise De Ville
MisSa Blue
Katrina Lilwall
Le Pustra
Marnie Scarlet
Beau Rocks
Elegy Ellem and Sister Sinister

MC’s & Musical Hosts:

Joe Black
Benjamin Louche

9 Fully Themed Fantasy Environments to Explore!!!

Theatre Arena

DJs: Larry Tee, Allen TG, David TG, Jimmy Mofo, Rockit Riyad
Electro House, Trap, Booty Breakz, Ghetto House, Techno, Dub Step, Drum n Bass

Ballroom Blitz

The Roustabouts, The Secretary, Lydia Darling, Hitman Hearn
Electro Swing, Burlesque, Dark Kabaret to Glamour Trash, Electro & R n B Mash-Ups

Betty Page Boudoir

Boudoir bed & Betty Page Bondage Cage
Music: Vintage Erotica & Boudoir Burlesque

Medical Playroom

Medical Slaughterhouse Decor
Hospital Beds, Body Parts & Medical Play Equipment
Ambient Erotica & Electronica Soundscapes

Japanese Bondage Room

Bondage Cage and Play Equipment
Oriental & Ritual Soundtracks

NEW Players Only Dungeon

SM & Play Equipment by Play Penz
Music: Atmospheric, Ritual, Dark Erotica

Sex Magick Couples Playrooms

Erotic Play Equipment
Music: Boudoir Erotica

Balcony XXX Chill Out

Enforced Dress Code – Full Fetish & Fantasy Costumes Only (No Lazy Half Measures/ TG Is an Extreme Event for Extreme People!):

Fantasy * Fetish * Body Art * Drag * Burlesque * Uniform * Medical * Berlin Kabaret * Boudoir * Moulin Rouge * Venice Carnival * Circus Side Show * Top Hat & Tails etc

Full Costumes Only / No Cheesy & Cheap Fancy Dress Copies / No Casual Street Wear / No Street Camouflage / No Jeans (even black) / No Fabric Suits / No Cotton T -Shirts, Trousers or Underpants!
No Stag & Hen Parties!
No Refund If Not In Dress Code!
No Cameras / No Use of Mobile Phones!

Advance Tickets: £38
Online via:

Shop Outlets:
Torture Garden Clothing @ House of Harlot – Unit 2b 63 – 65 Princelet St, off Brick Lane E1 5LP
Liberation – 49 Shelton St, Covent Garden WC2 9HE

SOLD OUT – WAITING LIST INSTRUCTIONS AT TOP OF PAGE / TG Office Info Tel: + 44 (0)20 7613 4733

Cover Photo: Rafael Fanti @instafanti / Costume: Bibian Blue / Model: Elishka Ku @elishkaku / Styling: Daniel Davilla @danidavilla / Creative Direction: Harrison Medeiros @medeirosharrison

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