Tokyo Rubberium Vol.2

By on November 26, 2017

The event which gained overwhelming popularity among Rubberists, “Tokyo Rubberium Vol.2” was held in Shibuya.

This event started this January and still a young event, yet it is loved from many rubber lovers regardless of age or gender. The distinguishing characteristic of “Tokyo Rubberium” is the friendly atmosphere that is easy to making friends and to come alone. People were taking photos freely in the venue which is not too big, it succeeded in making an intimate “salon” for them.

It set up a strict dress code that they accept only latex, on the other hand they provide a ticket with a latex item, in addition, a popular latex shop “Liaizon” opened a stall, we can see that they tried to open to the beginners and actually got over the difficulties of the fetish events which is that only the same people comes.

This time, the third time of the event, got quite lively. People was gathering from all over Japan; from Aomori to Okinawa, some rubberiest came from Asian like Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries.

In ”Tokyo Rubberium Vol.1”, there were a huge vacuum bed and the Nyotai-mori show in latex version by a French chef, Kazu from the restaurant “Bois-Vert”, both were the great tools to bring people together and quite enjoyable. This time, a memorable show was on the stage. They had the fashion show of the long-established Australian heavy latex brand “HW design” for the first time in Japan. It is still difficult to purchase the latex items from various brands here, it was the remarkable that they had the show with 10 beautiful and gorgeous models including Mistress Amrita, a professional Japanese femdom based in Europe and Japan.

The organizer, Ms. Iori Sakai are active as a model and as a DJ in the parties, also a true rubber lover. With the basic concept “The party of the rubberists, for the rubberists, by the rubberists” this event got more exciting each time. We can’t take our eyes off this young party that showed great potential.

Some photos provided by koh (@latexer56

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