Think You Know Your Vagina?

By on March 21, 2013

Know Your VaginaThe vagina – a lot of guys think they know everything there is to know about our little lady gardens… but how much do we all really know?! Having done a little bit of research I realized there was plenty of things I was unaware of and felt needed to share with my fellow gender. So here’s a few things that guys AND girls may not know about the vagina and if you do know them already then give yourself some brownie points…

A Healthy Sex Life Is Good For Your Vagina
The more you work your muscles the stronger we get – this is why men and women around the world hit the gym every day right?! Well your vagina is no different to any other muscle (ok well it is a bit…). So if you don’t exercise it regularly the muscle tissue can become delicate and limp. Regular sex, however, will help keep your vagina healthy and in optimum condition.

There’s A New Spot In Town…
Well actually its always been there but it often loses the publicity battle to its larger brother ‘G’. It’s fair to say the g-spot and the clitoris gets most of the credit for giving women incredible orgasms, but there is another spot which can be just as effective! You’ll find the A-Spot deep within the vaginal canal and it can be stimulated similarly to the G-spot by using the “come hither” motion with your fingers or using a larger dildo or vibrator. Get exploring…

Orgasms Can Actually Relieve A Headache
We’ve all heard this one before haven’t we – ‘Not tonight love… I’ve got a headache’.
Well next time your partner gives you that excuse don’t run to the medicine cabinet for some paracetamol – crack open the condoms! It has now been scientifically proved that an orgasm is actually an excellent remedy for pain relief. It takes your concentration away from the area in pain and is a great form of stress relief. Now there’s a Doctor’s order we don’t mind receiving…

Food For Your Vagina
All vaginas give off an odor – but it’s usually not a pungent scent. A bacterial infection can make it a little pongy down there, but a funky smelling vagina doesn’t necessarily equal an infection. The scent of a girl’s vagina can often come down to what she puts in her shopping basket and more importantly the food that she eats. Sweet tasting fruits and foods such as pineapple and nectarines for example will make it taste and smell sweeter, whereas vegetables such as cabbage or asparagus can give it a more off putting scent shall we say!

It’s Not Just The Penis That Gets Bigger When Aroused…
Just like mens’ penises vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes. Did you know however, that as a woman becomes more aroused her vaginal canal can increase in size. The average size of the canal for an unaroused woman is 3-4 inches but that number can double in size during arousal. This natural increase is so that the vagina can accommodate a penis during intercourse and allow a deeper more comfortable sexual experience.

Vaginas And Sharks
Duh-duh, Duh-Duh, DUH-DUH! Now we’ve all seen the movie Teeth right…?!
OK so the similarity between Jaws and the vagina in a Hollywood movie was lets say a little ‘silly’. But there are aspects of these deadly predators which the female genitalia does share in common… Scientists recently discovered that the ingredients found in vaginal secretions contain a component actually found in shark livers. It turns out ‘squalene’, which can also be found in vegetable oils and cosmetics is an excellent moisturizer – who knew?!

The Strong Vagina
As we mentioned earlier – the vagina has muscles just like the rest of the body which need to be exercised. Now, women have the ability to strengthen their vaginal muscles – also known as PC muscles during sex. These muscles of yours might be a lot stronger than you think – but if you’re looking to strengthen up then a good pair of Jiggle Balls ought to do the trick.

Unsurprisingly there has been numerous world record attempts with women from all across the world competing for the title of ‘Strongest Vagina’. The current record is held by for the strongest vagina is Russian Tiata Kozhevnikovawho was able to lift 31 pounds with her vaginal muscles only!

So there we have it! Hopefully that was a good little education for you on the ins and outs (every pun intended) of the vagina. But don’t let me just play teacher – if you’ve got any genitalia related facts then let us know. Plus, it’s the boys turn next week – keep an eye out for our Think You Know Your Penis? blog.

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