Jackson Rocco – The Truth About Cash and Kink

By on May 19, 2010

Golden Greetings and welcome to my blog. My social media brand is Jackson Rocco and I’m here to make an inordinate pile of cash out of you if you read this. Or am I? It’s obviously a pseudonym so am I actually here? I have to say even my real name is an abbreviation.

What I’d like to ask is where is the trust these days? Can we have trust in an overly-marketed world? Or, can I win your trust by the end of this post, knowing I have less than ten seconds before you see that ad for FemDom films on the right?

My inspiration for this post comes via a typically sceptical gentleman BDSMer who complained on another site I write for about a world-famous fetish club brand making endless pots of money. The inference was the night could have been better organised with this revenue. That wasn’t his exact words, but the suspicion remained – all notaries on the scene must be tycoons and ripping us off.

Fetish and BDSM nights, private parties, weekends away and even some London munches seemingly ooze the scent of money. People have travelled, clubbers have invested in new outfits, designers are showing new collections, models are hired, DJs are booked, networks are expanded. They’re all millionaires, they must be.  Look at the décor, look at the venue.

The reality is that many fetishist makers and shakers in this present financial climate are actually brassic. Profit-margins are small, fetish accoutrements aren’t cheap and now everyone seems to be at it.

Ten years ago, at a private party in a mansion just outside Hamburg, a woman who was covered head to foot in latex and going by the name of ‘No.4’ told me it was the glamour that attracted her. Perhaps the glamour chase is a better description then. Because if you meet many working in the fetish scene they will tell you what they do is not about the money, but many do like to exhibit themselves.

Aye, there’s the rubber – it’s a labour of love. It’s a passion, one spends a lot of time thinking about actually being a fetishist. Musing on it, blogging about it, downloading and uploading pics, promoting clubnights, munches, websites. We puzzle, we debate, we take part in verbal word-to-word combat on forums.

This is vitally important because the point is that we as perves have a rubber-vested interest. Our very selves are involved and money is a by-product.

What I would like to do is keep sussing all this out, as yes – hands up ready for restraint – I admit I would like to make a livelihood from what I love doing. We all need to pay the bills. So I’m on Twitter rotating fetish news, I’m on MySpace hooking up with photographers, designers, models and regular perverts. I’m on www.lustlovelatex.com reporting on latex fashion and parties. And I’m asking you to follow me, but not in the Christ sense. Because that’s too much.

The thing is here I am on the Skin Two site writing for an organization compromised of who to me are a band of alternative superheroes. In my eyes they practically wrote the manual for the modern fetish scene.

The truth is – and I’m trusting you with this – I’m about and I’m really involved and sometime beanless, sometime flush like a lot of hardworking fetish champions I know at the coalface. I will endeavour to share my adventures and observations with you, like a male Carrie Bradshaw living in London with a penchant for being a filth merchant.

Got a fetish-related story, party, event, opening, website or piece of hilarious gossip? Please get in touch or be a follower. Just remember I’m not Jesus. I’m Jackson Rocco.



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