The Shiny & Tight Night “Barbarella”

By on April 11, 2018

The Shiny & Tight Night “Barbarella”

A new party “Barballera” by Ms. IORI, the organizer of the only for rubber lovers club event “Rubberium”,  was held as a sister event of Rubberium at Trump House in Shibuya.

“Rubber event is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of my party, but I would like to make new place that people who has other fetishism feel free to come.” she told the reason why she tried to organize Barballera after she made Rubberium a success.

“The biggest reason is that I have the fetishism not only for latex but also for other shiny and tight things like stocking and satin fabric, and thought that whichever material or fabric they love, they might sympathize each other because there are lots in common, and hope that it might help them widen their knowledge to enjoy more deeply. Also, it would be great if it could be a first step for someone who never come to Rubberium to come as it is a hardcore event a bit.”

Barballera’s dress code was not as strict as Rubberium’s, so we can see various people  enjoying wearing latex, zentei, swimwear and so on.

There were also Ms. IORI and other gorgeous DJs with shiny & tight costumes, and 2 performances; the Rope and SM show using cherry blossoms by Mistress KAORI who is based in Nagoya, and the burlesque show by lady chibi MOEKO whose latex costumes are provided from a popular latex shop “Liaizon” ’s original brand “Lina”.

2017 was the year that Rubberium was started and the opportunities for the rubberiests in Tokyo to come out increased. In addition, some rubberists appeared on the TVs and general magazines, the waves of exchange were growing.

We are looking forward what Ms. IORI will do this year.

Barballera ended a great success and next one is planned to be held in 2019.

Photos provided by koh (@latexer56 and kubo3@写真を撮る人  (@p_kubo3


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