The RED Sling Kit

By on November 22, 2013

I’ve always wanted to suspend my partner with their legs apart. Call me old fashioned, but there you are.

Now, a professional dominatrix would have a sturdy steel structure, suitable for holding a tubby submissive, while she ruthlessly rams… well, you can imagine.

But the rest of us need something to set up when we have the house to ourselves and store in the garage or loft when we don’t. So we turned to RED – that’s Restraint Engineered Designs. They make a super sling and frame set which bread down and packs into a handy kitbag when it’s not in use. Just the job.

You can set up the RED sling kit in a few minutes, without needing any tools at all. It weighs about 21 kg in the kitbag, so it’s fairly easy to shift. You can set it up in a fairly tight space and it’s rubber feet won’t mark your living room floor.

Your partner’s feet are held – wide apart – in two small restraints. They lie comfortably back in the sling and their own weight helps keep it firmly planted while you play with them or pleasure them. It’s simply a great piece of kit.

There are various options, including a custom stainless steel frame if you wish, but reckon on around £565 for the full kit. You can order directly from RED, or find a retail stockist near you, by checking their website at

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