The Manopsychotisches Ballroom

By on July 17, 2013

Manchester recently saw the birth of something new and interesting: the inaugural event of The Manopsychotisches Ballroom at 2022 NQ. Promoter Frankie Knuckles (of Torture Garden Manchester) promised to bring together experimental art and fetish. He did not disappoint.

The glamour and dark, animalistic sensuality of Cervena Fox’s Vampire’s Dance lead the eager audience into a night of cultural kink, as she bathed herself in blood and her lustrous wings whipped the audience into a state of rapture, preparing them for a trip into the darkness.

Eustratia Latex’s guerrilla style fashion show ran like a latex clad art installation, with the models moving amongst the audience, showing off Eustratia’s latest range after being broken out of a wall by muscular, turf-laying eye candy.

The evening’s performances were topped off in truly squeamish style by a collaboration between New Aktionists and Gyrl Grip that was not for the faint-hearted. Their performance was a gut-wrenching mixture of self-mutilation, cling film and physical endurance leaving audience members agape with emotion.

The mixture of avant-garde performances and slightly sinister, institution-like setting created something unique amongst its diverse audience. The intensity of raw emotion evoked by such visceral art was palpable in the room and evident on the faces of those privileged enough to be there at the inception of such an experimental, refreshingly intimate but deeply kinky night. Way more fun than a trip to a gallery.

All stills and videos : NVS Films

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