The Latex Repair Kit

By on October 28, 2010

Here’s a useful new product from Bella Black designs, the Latex Repair Kit… Bella was an enthusiastic fetish clubber in Los Angeles, loved wearing rubber and became a fetish model, as well as holding down a job as Dungeon Manager for one of LA’s top dominatrixes. She says “We were always ripping vacbeds, clothing and other latex accessories. I began repairing and modifying the latex around the studio and also my own that had torn while I was out on the town. Through word of mouth I started building a private clientele of models and dominatrixes. The idea for the Latex Repair Kit was born! “

Bella’s kit allows people who like wearing latex to easily repair their ripped and torn clothing, as well as modify their items with colourful appliqués. There’s an array of colours and thickness. The standard kit retails for $25 and special orders are accepted for a small extra charge.

This is just the handy product that you’ll need when you get your favourite latex catsuit out to go partying and then discover an annoying little tear. Get Bella’s Latex Repair Kit and be prepared!

P.S. – yes, that’s Bella’s photo…

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