The Killer Wore Leather – Fetish Fiction by Laura Antoniou

By on May 28, 2013

The Killer Wore Leather In the Grand Sterling Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, last year’s Mister Global Leather winner, Mack Steel, lies dead on the floor of his suite. He is wearing only very frilly, bright yellow knickers. Enter Detective Rebecca Feldblum of Midtown East Precinct… 

This is a hilarious new murder mystery novel by the great Laura Antoniou. Here’s what our reviewer, the lovely Donna Motta, has to say: “As long term fans of Laura Antoniou’s books (The Marketplace series, The Catalyst & Other Works amongst just a few) we were excited to read her latest offering, ‘The Killer Wore Leather’.

Set in New York at the Mr. & Ms. Global Leather contest, it’s both murder mystery and a look inside the world of leather contests, a not entirely serious one! Laura weaves a Raymond Chandler style ‘whodunnit’, the story of two unlikely detectives partnered up and a look at the behind the scenes chaos & ‘fun’ of a major leather contest.

Those who’ve been lucky enough to attend one of Laura’s infamous rants (umm, keynote speeches) or classes will swear they can hear her cackling in the background as they read her loving and gentle fun taking descriptions of the various leather types who make up the ‘community’. From Old Guard to NuKnk to Leather Masters to Dommes to Fetishists to slaves to the obligatory random furry and of course the Zodians (who follow the teachings of the book of Zod), anyone who’s been out and about in the scene or who spends time on will smile in recognition and occasionally wince.

However, knowledge of the leather scene is not a prerequisite for enjoying this book. Seen through the eyes of the detectives called in to investigate a murder and those of a vanilla journalist who’s cursing having to cover the contest, the ridiculousness of some alter egos and curiosity of the world of kinky sex are both explored, explained and yes, also poked fun at.

The whodunnit cracks along at a rapid pace with twists and turns, clues and hints. Like all good mysteries, it keeps you guessing right to the end when you exclaim ‘but of course!’ Giving away any more of the story would be a spoiler but, take my word for it, buy the book and settle in for a very enjoyable time.”

The Killer Wore Leather is £11.95 from most good bookstores, including

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