the funniest fetish party ”About 100%”

By on February 1, 2018

I would like to introduce ”About 100%”  which is the funniest fetish party in Tokyo. Starting in 2013 it was organized by ZiL,  Ichika Hiiragi and Hajime Kinoko. ZiL had been organizing one of the best fetish parties in Tokyo “Tokyo Perve” and the first femdom event in Japan “Domina-Trix” and also famous for a DJ, a mistress, Ichika Hiiragi is running a SM club in Shinjuku and Hajime Kinoko is one of the most famous Japanese rope artists. The concept of ”About 100%” is comedy and fetish, you can enjoy music and super kinky shows all through the night there.

The latest one took place at Aisotope Lounge in Shinjuku last November. It had many and various performers; Suguru Hachimori who also appeared at “Feti-Fes 2017”singing beautiful opera with eccentric looks, a famous comedians including Neko Hiroshi, and the gorgeous mistresses team “Go Go Domina” entertaining the audience with their sexy dances. Also there were 2 dance floors, and Hajime Kinoko’s rope show and the pole dance were performed suddenly. We can see the petit shows by the visitors here and there, a married couple improvised a wonderful Kinbaku show for us.

The show you can only see it here is that the one by Hajime Kinoko performing as a comedian. With another rope artist and a calligrapher they put the anal plugs with string and played a tug of war, hit with the whips and did a speed-eaten contest with pet foods. they threw everyone into convulsions of laugher. Ichika Hiiragi’s SM rope show was the the most impressive show with Ichiko and a female model wearing the latex costume in perfect sync, it showed her popularity and ability.

At ”About 100%” performers, staffs, visitors, everyone were close to each other and it had the easy and merry Japanese banquet atmosphere. ZiL explained that the organizers aimed at making “Ozashiki fetish” party. The word “Ozashiki” reminds us the traditional intimate and familiar space which peculiar to Japanese banquet. This unique atmosphere is one of the big reasons why this event has a lot of fans.

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