The Flamethrower – review by Miss Deviant & her slave

By on October 18, 2012

Miss Deviant…Something caught my eye at London Fetish Fair last month, it was an unusual looking whip, named the ‘Dragon Tail’. It’s made by the wonderful duo that make up Floggermeister. I’ve always loved the toys they make and where possible they use recycled material; what’s not to love about that! It immediately sparked my deviant imagination, and this month I was lucky enough to take ownership of one. Myself and the gorgeous Madam Rouge, who had bought one, had great fun trying it out on slaves’ forearms. The thing that really caught my artistic eye was the pretty patterns it made, like flames, on the skin – along with the fantastic cracking sound when it struck. I knew immediately, my newest toy was going to be lots of fun to use.

Last night I had my No1Slave stripped and laid over his kitchen counter, awaiting the flick of my wrist with this fine implement onto the delicate skin of his arse.

I held the whip and felt the weight in my hand. The handle, made of copper, is wrapped with nylon cord, giving a good and comfortable grip. I should mention, the beautiful magenta colour which, for me, adds to the deviancy of this innocent looking whip.

With the first blow struck, I stood back and waited for the flame like welt to appear, I was not disappointed and this spurred me on to continue. After twenty five or so strokes, I had created what I’d set out to do. No1Slave’s arse was a blazing picture of flame-like welts. I just had to stand back and admire my handiwork…… It was good and I was pleased. After putting No1Slave through some considerable pain it was time to comfort him and praise him for taking it like a true sub.
I suggested to Floggermeister they may wish to re-name the whip, The ‘Flame Thrower’ due to the patterns it made. Much to my surprise, they agreed and I really hope the picture above will be testament to the new name. I feel extremely honoured that they took my suggestion on board.

I would highly recommend this whip to any disconcerting Dom who has an eye for artistic visions and a willing sub to try it out on… 5 stars!

If you subbies would like to know what it felt like to be on the receiving end then please read “The Flamethrower, A Sub’s Review” on No1Slaves blog

Miss Deviant’s slave… Miss Deviant and I were at the London Fetish Fair. In addition to meeting old friends and new, The Floggermeister was very gracious to introduce their unique whip. This sinister device has a solid, copper handle hosting a single rubber strap that is wrapped up to a single tail. Wicked, eh?

We tested the whip at the Fair and noticed that the marks on the forearm skin look like little flames. Naturally, Miss Deviant ‘s creative juices were flowing, and she wanted to have a canvas to paint her next masterpiece.

Last night, I was the lucky canvas.

Inspired by her beauty and sadistic genius, I gratefully bent over the counter, withstanding the stinging reminders of why she is THE Miss Deviant. Taking her time with true aim, Mistress worked her way all around my bottom to create her own version of the Olympic Flame, which was every bit as ceremonious as the one in London recently.


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