The Fetish Retreat

By on April 24, 2014

Renting a dungeon for a few hours or an overnight stay is a lovely treat for BDSM couples who want to get away from the kids, home, work and all the cares of everyday life, for some pure private pleasure together.

But where to go? You don’t want to end up in a seedy dive run by some old geezer who looks like Jimmy Savile’s grandad. What you need is a personal recommendation, so here’s one for you…

I recently checked out The Fetish Retreat, an upmarket dungeon where you can stay for a couple of hours or overnight, tucked away in the West Country, near junction 17 of the M4. I know the owners, Lucy and Blake Bailey, so I was pretty confident that it would be good. In fact, it turned out to be as good as any dungeon I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a few.

The Fetish Retreat is deep in the countryside, hidden behind a tall stone wall. You stay in a separate building from Lucy & Blake’s house, giving you total privacy. Entering, you’ll find a well equipped kitchen, shower room and bedroom with a comfortable double bed – with chains and handcuffs ready fitted.

Beyond the bedroom is the dungeon room and this is the really impressive part. Beautifully lit, spotlessly clean, with atmospheric music on tap, it has everything you need. There’s a whipping bench, electrics, throne, heavy duty vibrator, bondage table, cross, loads of restraints, hoods, whips, floggers, suspension, sling… and a fucking machine.

I’ve never been quite so impressed by a fucking machine. This one worked really well. Lucy showed us how to use it safely and they’re not as fearsome as you might think. Such fun to gently turn it up as you lounge casually against the bondage table, while your sub moans in pleasure.

Much later, in the small hours, we hurried naked a few steps into the chilly night and relaxed outside in the hot tub, looking up at the stars.

Lucy mentioned that since “50 Shades of Grey”, the place has been really popular with submissive women and their dominant partners but, whenever your orientation, The Fetish Retreat is definitely a thrill.

The grounds are extensive – it’s no problem to play outdoors if that’s your thing. It’s ideal for the Summer. There are some excellent country pubs nearby where you can have dinner. Treat yourselves.


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