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By on May 25, 2010

The Erotic Candy Shop is a brand new fetish website that is truly different from what‘s already out there. It’s a diverse site, where you can find all things fetish, burlesque costume and some really fabulously erotic footwear. There is also original art, remarkable one-off pieces of furniture, and even barristers gowns (!) at a fraction of their usual cost.

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Says Helen, the founder, “I had a vision of a truly interactive website where customers could be involved in its evolvement. I consider you to be the best judges of what you would like and I will be bringing this to you over the coming months. I am working hard to bring ranges for both guys and girls in all areas of ‘fetish’ ‘burlesque’ and ‘costume’ as well as some unique pieces to make a statement in your home. Entering the fetish market three years ago, as a sales manager for a PVC designer, I noticed that there was a gap in the market for something unique. I decided to create the Erotic Candy Shop, a new website that is interactive within the fetish community.”

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Helen also realised that the fetish scene could do with an auction service – “I saw that a lot of you are interested in selling some gear on, to give space for something new to wow the crowds with! Hence our auction section at Erotic Candy Shop where you can list such items free. And Erotic Candy Shop is dedicated to fetish, so you do not have to trawl through the chaff to find what you are looking for.” Once submitted, Erotic Candy Shop repeats your listing until the item sells. All you have to do is enter promotional code ECS10 to start selling or buying items.

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Exclusive clothing designs and bargains are available to members, as well as 15% discount on all shop purchases – without limit.

The aim is to make the Erotic Candy Shop a fully interactive site; there’s a full members area with a gallery of images of models wearing the fetish fashions. Dominatrix and S&M services are also listed here, styling advice, sourcing service and much more to come. The forum will be up and running in the very near future and Twitter helps to keep you informed regarding news and new items coming to market.

Helen’s vision is to bring together the fetish community, to say what you want to find at the Erotic Candy Shop. They are constantly looking for hot new designers and have got some great items arriving all the time. Contact Helen with your ideas and they will do their best to include your favourite on your new fetish website.

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