The Erotic Art of Elucie

By on October 10, 2013

elucie book photo

When it comes to eroticism, we’re used to it. What we are not used to (but actually quite thrilled by) is weirdness in the world of erotic art. Where erotic art normally takes an angle or particular direction that makes it art and not cartoon porn, Elucie takes it up another notch. Alien Domination and Dickheads in a very literal sense, are portrayed with a quirky and eerie twist from a vision so unique and unafraid.

Now, Elucie has released a book. Her weird and wonderful artistic creations are available in coffee table book form and will add a touch of fiery, absurdist eroticism in elucie artany adult household. The book centres around a bondage theme, illustrating scenes of bondage, the male nude and eroticism in a tantalisingly, quirky, artistic form, perfect when entertaining an adult crowed.

Samples of Elucie’s work can be viewed at and her book is available to buy online in hardback by visiting It’s worth a look!   


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