The Dirty Show, Detroit, February 9th – 16th

By on January 18, 2008

dirty showIn the world of erotic art, in February, Detroit is the place to be! For 9 years, the Dirty Show has showcased a Who’s Who of underground art. 2,000 people each night view over 250 exhibits. Hundreds of visitors come from all over the MidWest, Canada, the East and West coasts and Europe.

Artists from virtually every state and continent are represented in the annual exhibition, which is part competition, part invitational. This year, participants include our invited special guest artists, Annie Sprinkle, H.R. Giger, Sorayama, Martin HM Shreiber, Bunny Yeager, Eric Kroll, Buck Angel, John U. Abrahamson, Jason Beam, Chad Michael Ward, and Peggy Wauters.

Organizers credit word of mouth for making this happen, “We didn’t create the Dirty Show®, Detroit did. It is an amazing crowd, too diverse to classify with demographics, but virtually everyone is open-minded. They don’t come to be shocked, they come to see great art- which happens to have the added benefit of being Dirty. With a name like Dirty, we can’t be pretentious. We struck a nerve, or more likely discovered art’s g-spot.”

dirty show

The show has received criticism in the past for going too far, the graphic displays of what some consider pornographic art often create debate. The organizers dismiss the claims of porn. “ We don’t consider the event controversial, the media does. If it is porn, we would need an army of janitors with squeegees. Porn is much more purposeful than art. The reactions vary to the different pieces, but to our knowledge, nobody has become so aroused at the Dirty Show they had to take matters into their own hands. But there is a first time for everything”

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