The Désiré Project, by John Santerineross

By on January 25, 2013

Respected photographer and artist John Santerineross plans to publish a new photography book of recently discovered images, combining old world aesthetics with new technology. The new Désiré series will be published as a limited edition, 26-page 8” x 10” hardcover photo book, printed on archival quality silver halide paper.


You can help make this happen by pledging your support via IndieGoGo. Even the smallest pledge will be really helpful.

Here’s what John says about the project…

“This is a project I have been working on for several months. It started with me archiving and organising all the images I have taken over almost 20 years. Reviewing all of these images, it occurred to me that some I decided not to use, because of too much accidental camera shake or accidental double exposures, had very strong compositional value. At the same time, I had been researching historical albumen and daguerreotype printing processes… and the idea for this project/series came to me.”

“How do I create the look and feel of an old photo process but using contemporary printing processes? I started with creating a digital negative a la Dan Burkholder, who I had the pleasure to work with back in 1996. After creating the negative and outputting via Lightjet on clear film, I sent it to New York City to a friend I knew was still doing alternative processes. The resulting image was an 8×10 print albumen print. After doing additional experiments with different images with different processes ,I came to realise because of the cost, technical complexity and especially size limitations in doing the traditional albumen and daguerreotype process, I needed to find an alternative workflow and output.”

“Here is the result of 4 months of experimentation, which I plan to turn in to a book and an exhibition with your help, through IndieGoGo.”

Go here to be a part of the Désiré project…

About John Santerineross

John is an artist who does not classify or categorise himself; he prefers to let the viewer decide and define his work. His first book was “Fruit of the Secret God” and his second was “Dream”. He has been called everything from “the world’s leading Neo-symbolist photographer” by Germany’s leading photography magazine, PROFIFOTO, to an “artistic assassin who wants to artistically assassinate Christianity, especially Catholicism” by Bill Donohue in his newest book.

John never elucidates his imagery, for fear of limiting the viewer’s personal interpretation. He subscribes to the early symbolists’ belief that “the creation of a mood is as important as the transmission of information; (it must also) seek to engage the entire mind and personality of the viewer by appealing to the viewer’s emotions and unconscious mind, as well as to their intellect.” John’s website is

Technical note

The image shake, blur or distortion you see were not created in Photoshop. These are on the original negatives. The only thing done in Photoshop to produce the final image is computer hand colouring, the way John would have done hand colouring by water colour and oil paint.

Editor’s note
Sharp eyed readers may note that this post appeared a while ago. We are repeating it because I stupidly made a typo on the URL (sorry) and this is really a project worth backing

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