The Dark Tantra sex magick pack – beyond scented candles and whale song…

By on June 17, 2010

The Seeker We were all innocent once, searching for love, sex, and play. However well informed (or debauched…) we become, we should never stop learning. Emotional, spiritually, technically,
there has never been so much information available for the serious student of the limits of human sensuality. The first step on the long road to noir enlightenment is the breaking of taboos. What are you afraid of? Go there and face it. Then move on, wiser and stronger.

The Sacred Whore

This card honours anyone who channels the healing power of sex. You needn’t be selling sexual services to be a Sacred Whore- not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say. Escorts provide lonely men with their only access to sex or spicier interaction than some partners are able to provide and provide commitment and marriage-phobes with a cheaper alternative than thirty or forty years of wedded bliss. As you may have may have heard or experienced, marriage doesn’t always work out for all sorts of reasons and The Sacred Whore, whether female, male or transgendered – provides medication for the walking wounded in the gender wars. As for enthusiastic amateurs, the more the merrier. The healing life-affirming power of sexual bliss cannot be accessed too often. Be bad. It’s GOOD…Sacred Whore

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