Terry de Havilland Shoes at Sera of London

By on March 27, 2007

Terry de HavillandTerry de Havilland is London’s fantasy shoe specialist, starting in Rome as Fellini filmed ‘La Dolce Vita’, then making sky high heels for Bianca Jagger, Britt Eklund, Cher, Bette Midler and David Bowie. Terry’s seminal boutique, Cobblers to the World, was a ’70s Kings Road landmark.

Now, Terry’s fabulous heels are available at the beautiful Sera of London boutique at 3 Lonsdale Road, W11 2SH. If you haven’t been there yet, let us tell you that Vogue declared their shop assistants the best dressed in London!

To find out more about Sera of London, go here: www.seraoflondon.com
To find out more about Terry de Havilland, go here: www.terrydehavilland.com Terry de Havilland’s personal website: www.terrydehavilland.info

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