TENGA – The Future of Male Masturbation

By on May 9, 2012

TENGA is a Japanese manufacturer of super quality male masturbation aids. Since their launch in 2005, over 20 million TENGA products have been shipped worldwide, making them the most purchased male masturbation product across the globe.

TENGA takes a different approach from masturbation products of the past. Sex is one of the highest forms of communication between two people – but masturbation is not only fun, but a crucial factor in proper self-care.

TENGA products take a step away from pornographic imagery – doing away with crude packaging and crude devices that mimic sexual organs. The products are all beautifully designed, safe, stylish and functional, offering a varying array of sensations to cater to all tastes.

TENGA launched their brand with the TENGA CUP Series, a disposable, pre-lubricated series of masturbation aids that each offer differing functions, such as vacuum suction or three-dimensional stimulation. These products have even been seen in the medical field, aiding rehabilitation for ejaculation disorder.

The EGG Series is a novel concept of super-stretchable products that come in a small case but can be stretched to fit most sizes(!) The many different types each offer a different sensation and the cool design allows an approachability that has led to many to utilise the EGGs as a great gift, or as a first step into pleasure devices.

The internal structures have all kinds of special features, such as overlapping walls, moving balls, continuous brushing ribs and giant end orbs. There are special lubricant features, vacuum suction – you have to see this!

Visit the TENGA website to see the full range, including the FLIP and the 3D – even their ‘Shake Shake TENGA’ Android app and a virtual tour of their art gallery…

See and and buy the products here…

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Discover Tenga at their own website here – www.tenga-global.com

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