Tatjana Warnecke: Berlin Fetish Style

By on December 10, 2012


Berlin-based designer Tatjana Warnecke founded her fashion label over 10 years ago. Her experiences on stage and a passion for extreme fashion have set the tone for this extra-terrestrial collection.


The appeal of the”Cosmic Couture Collection“ lies in the high quality, unique design of its futuristic glossy ribbed material, constructed in an elegant Si-Fi style.

This collection features extreme-tailored cuts which accentuate the feminine or the masculine. Choose between glossy or matt black to emphasise the clean, powerful and elegant style.

All materials used are produced in Germany and all designs are quality assured for form-fitting to guarantee the most comfort. The collection is available in authorised boutiques in several different countries.

More info : www.tatjana-warnecke.com

Visit in Berlin…
Hasenheide 13
10967 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 45 03 25 94

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