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The ballet world has recently been scandalously rocked by dancer Karina Sarkissova doing a sexy set in “Weiner” magazine. (The Austrians do have a sense of humour, it seems!) Here is one image, which I think is particularly lovely: Karina Sarkissova is lovely, but what is exciting me the most is actually the photographer, Moritz […]

Miss Maggie Mayhem and Zille “Trouble” Defeu interview Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton, authors of the seminal work on polyamory, “The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures” at IMsL 2009. Find out what advice Janet has for Maggie’s jealous cat! 😉

I had the honour of shooting a pair of San Francisco’s finest fetish models – Rain DeGrey and Lilla Kat – performing at the booth at the Folsom Street Fair. This is the story of their bondage performance. [singlepic id=6027 w=660 h=438 float=center] [nggallery id=160] It started with the usual backstage chaos – it […]

The 2009 Folsom Street Fair has come and gone for San Francisco. As soon as the glitter, feathers, and stray cock rings have been swept up from the streets, the planning committee goes right back to work thinking of the future – with leather harness tan-lines burned into their chests by the bright Folsom sun.

The leather pride flag has been adorning the streets of San Francisco heralding in the high holy day of the kink world, The Folsom Street Fair. Thousands of people will fill the hotels, restaurants, and especially bars to celebrate en masse our right to make our own sexual choices as consenting adults.

The International Ms Leather 2009 event (IMsL) this year was not just good (and sexy!) fun, but I think it really succeeded at one of its most important goals: reconnecting friends and leading to the planning, brainstorming, and day-dreaming that will move forward the leather and BDSM communities for at least the next year.

At Midnight on March 18th 2009, “BETTIE PAGE IMMORTAL,” Bondage A Go Go’s 16th Annual Bettie Page Look-alike Contest took place in San Francisco.

The Knotty Boys had the Northern California release party for their second book, “Back On the Ropes” at Bondage-a-Go-Go on Wednesday, the 4th of March 2009. Some of San Francisco’s finest local fetish luminaries were out to support Dan and JD. To name a few: Ken Marcus – their photographer for this book; Lochai – […]

Any excuse to travel to England is a good one for me, but the best excuse is the Rubber Ball weekend! I’d had my bag mostly packed before I had even picked up the last items for various outfits, and the last things put in were; a custom black latex pencil skirt freshly fashioned by […]