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Skin Two Fashion. Pvc Vixen Buckle Dress. ……. As worn on last nights Coronation Street by Cath Tyldesley. Now produced and sold by Skin Two and Honour the dress was originally designed by pioneering early latex label Pure Sex, and sold via London fashion outlets Kensington Market and Hyper Hyper.With thanks to Cole Black at […]

Skin Two…… Issue 63. Cover photo and latex design: Model: Dena Massque

Sexpo is the world’s largest sexual health and lifestyle exhibition and it’s coming to London for the first time. Sexpo will be at at Olympia London from 13th-15th November – don’t miss it! Sexpo has been going strong for over 20 years and has welcomed over 2.5 million visitors worldwide; it’s the world’s number one […]

Aftercare is an oft forgotten element of BDSM. We think so much about what happens during our scenes that sometimes we forget about what takes place afterwards. Yet aftercare, at least to me, is an important component of what can make a scene memorable and enjoyable.  Broadly speaking, aftercare is that time after the whipping […]

 Have you got sexual secrets that you keep very close to your chest? Does anything slightly odd turn you on to the max? Have you ever wondered what some people are really into in the bedroom? Well, wonder no more, ‘cos here are some examples of sexual fetishes that you’ve probably never heard of…   […]

    Leading fetish boutique Honour broke the mould on Sunday 12th by launching their fabulous fetish clothing onto the big screens and out into the world. In their kinkiest broadcast yet, Celebrity Big Brother challenged their naughty contestants to strut their stuff in Honours gorgeous outfits and even pole dance to show off not […]

  Nervously crawling across the bed, I pressed my face into the cold, cream bed sheets and felt my heartbeat pump louder in my throat. Gripping the sides of the bed frame, I glanced over my shoulder and watched him slowly enter the room. With a gleam in his eye and a smile on his […]

The most stunning era to have graced the fashion world, the 50’s! A time when woman looked sexy, sophisticated, feminine and simply wonderful! Though we love the style of the era, in the modern world, it’s just not enough. Celebrities, for sure, have raised the bar on eye catching weird and wonderful outfits and so […]

Skin Two have refreshed their brand to cater to shoppers and fetish fans, above and beyond the ordinary, with their new made-to-order Steam Punk range, that’s set to make waves in the world of fashion and fetish. With hand-made, bespoke creations to meet individual demands, customers at the Waterloo Store and online shoppers are afforded […]

I don’t like calling her a celebrity because in all honesty I didn’t know who she was or why she was on TV until I came across an interesting article. Her face kept popping up in tabloid news and social media, and I kept getting annoyed and scrolling past. But the clever little minx has […]