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KFS Magazine is something new, a magazine covering the wild and wonderful range of alternative sexuality with style, humour and integrity. KFS Magazine is published by the team that brings you Skin Two, the world’s premier international fetish magazine since 1984, so you can be sure we know our way around kinky sexuality. Never pornographic […]

The vagina – a lot of guys think they know everything there is to know about our little lady gardens… but how much do we all really know?! Having done a little bit of research I realized there was plenty of things I was unaware of and felt needed to share with my fellow gender. […]

Geezer is pronging me relentlessly. I’m bouncing up and down, or being bounced, on a Cialis cock, which has somehow got through the cocaine barrier and will be at his disposal for at least 48 hours. Which might sound like heaven but what he’s trying to do is to get his mostly numb body to […]

‘Ketamine! I think I found the clitoris of my brain!’ So said my friend Charlotte, an exotic dancer, escort girl, masseuse, militant sex worker and Wise Woman against the War. Incidentally, we don’t say ‘witch’ any more. Only because she’s way too beautiful to be a crone. Otherwise, she’s a witch. One they haven’t got […]

FOXY BOXING Have you ever tried to elicit sympathy for a badly sprained wrist? If you have you’ll know that you won’t get any. There’ll much ribaldry from so-called friends. “My boyfriend’s like that. It’s almost impossible to make him come.” “You lost your vibrator.” “Run out of batteries?” and on. And on. Perhaps you […]