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I smacked her bottom harder, I used the tip of my middle finger right on her puckered little anus and shoved two of my fingers in her mouth. She sucked on them greedily, eager to show me she would now do anything. Her bottom was red hot to the touch. “Had enough darling?” “You call […]

Geezer is pronging me relentlessly. I’m bouncing up and down, or being bounced, on a Cialis cock, which has somehow got through the cocaine barrier and will be at his disposal for at least 48 hours. Which might sound like heaven but what he’s trying to do is to get his mostly numb body to […]

I have to fuck a  tranny with my strap-on tonight, ‘Antonia’ aka Tony from Tooting, doing to him what ‘American Psycho’ Brett Asshole Ellis does to the English language. Although the money won’t be as good and I won’t be dwelling compulsively on the torture of women. Still, that’s where the money is eh Brett? […]

‘Ketamine! I think I found the clitoris of my brain!’ So said my friend Charlotte, an exotic dancer, escort girl, masseuse, militant sex worker and Wise Woman against the War. Incidentally, we don’t say ‘witch’ any more. Only because she’s way too beautiful to be a crone. Otherwise, she’s a witch. One they haven’t got […]

Time they made heterosexuality legal, grumbled Eric Morecambe impersonator Philip Larkin, complaining about the legalisation of homosexuality.  “But they have made it legal,” said one of the wedlock junkies he was embroiled with. “It’s called marriage.” A bit too legal, he grumbled. He was afraid to die so spent about fifty years avoiding life. He […]

Miss Makeover says… My mother is difficult. And I am impossible. Let’s drop the euphemisms. We are both mad but she has a knack of making the other people suffer, rather than turning it inwards. Depression is rage internalized, some say. For all the fucking use that is. Do excuse me, must have externalized something […]

This’ll make you tingle, you hard-arsed bitch. I gave her three quick, hard whacks. She screamed and begged me to stop. Finally! I was getting somewhere. She reached a hand behind her to block my access but, like any mother since time immemorial I merely grabbed the hand and jammed it further up her back. […]

Geezer Hardnut said he’d spank me if and when I ever sobered up, long and hard, good and proper. I remember him speaking very quietly when he said my bottom would be red raw, I remember getting wet, then frightened because he meant it. He was cold-eyed yet a little sad, as if it really […]

YES. BUT YOU’RE NOT HAPPY, ARE YOU? Happy? Are you? Well then. Doing transformational sex therapy pays the rent and Ecstasy makes me genuinely happy, for a while, while doing me very little harm. Or at least nothing that can’t be fixed by Clomipramine – a kinder, gentler old school Prozac. Check it out! My […]

BELLE DU JOUR ‘”I want to write my name in come all over you,” he said. I smirked. “You can’t fool me, you nicked that line from London Fields.”‘ Impressed by the real Belle Du Jour on a chat show, a smart, strong woman now revealed as a scientist who once worked as an escort, I […]