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Darkest Fantasy plays with the concepts of subordination and servitude and confronts the ideologies of ownership and entitlement. It explores the female feline and her wild and noncompliant nature and aims to present the differing roles that people play and asks if marriage itself is a dark fantasy. Lottie is a dark and decadent performance […]

Ms Lottie Kixx has announced that she will perform a puppy play and humiliation show at Skin Two Halloween Ball on Saturday October 29th – followed by a twisted maid / splosh performance    

Skin Two Halloween Ball is on Saturday October 29th – and it’s part of a three-day programme of events, so you can make a weekend of it. There’s all kinds of stuff going on, from a femdom party on the Friday through to a live band on the Saturday, a dungeon, performances and exhibitions.

Ms Lottie Kixx, international burlesque performer, choreographer and mischief enthusiast, has a background in contemporary dance and a penchant for diamanté and spikes. Her seductive and dark routines enchant her audiences, with a stunning combination of impeccable choreography, original music and decadent styling.