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Hello, my name is Bunny GlitterGun, I am an alternative and latex fashion model from the Netherlands with a passion for beauty and macabre. <3 Come follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Instagram: @BunnyGlitterGun   This photo is from my latest shoot with Anouk Dyonne (photography) for Little Devil’s Creations!

  We’ve just discovered an US firm publishing some great bondage books, SQ Publications. These books are all-illustrations, large format, reasonably priced and great fun…

You can do such a lot with fantasy art – that’s why we love it. We’ve all seen dominant women, yes – but dominant women pirates? Fierce female warriors, armed to the teeth and ready for action. Deadly women vampires, space captains striding across far distant moonscapes, gorgeous machine gun-toting gangster girls, cheeky pinup babes, […]

UK based artist Michelle Mildenhall is an artist with a distinctive style. She creates fetish art, combining striking imagery with her passion for latex in a uniquely innovative way. On her new web site, Michelle gives us a glimpse of her beautiful eye-catching collection of portraits and tells us more about how she came up […]

The child of a Japanese sculptor father and an Italian painter mother, Nange Magro is an artist based in London, working in fashion, video, art and music.     After her BA in Milan, Nange achieved an MA in digital fashion at London College of Fashion. The driving concept behind her art and fashion is […]

Ibiza’s fetish shop, Sa Majesté, will be holding an erotic art exhibition this Summer, featuring… Alex Varenne, international illustrator and author of major erotic comics. David Cantero, official illustrator of the Matinée Group parties, presents “The Gods also come to Ibiza”. Bamboo, photographer & visual artist in Ibiza for 30 years, introduces his upcoming photography […]

Christopher Hutchison claims not to be an artist. He has no no training and nothing more sophisticated than a Panasonic compact camera in his pocket. He says he is not even a good photographer.  

The history of comic books includes many memorable sexy heroines. From the chaste Jane to the science fiction Barbarella. Many of these come from Italy, such as Valentina, by Crepax, Mona Street by Frollo and Manara’s characters. Alula BeBop, the creation of Max Caogna, has a character all of her own – here’s what Max […]

Selling Sex is an art exhibition of all female artists, featuring fetishistic wearable art and their various interpretations of the female nude. Among the pieces is a gloriously beautiful latex dress by Atsuko Kudo entitled ‘Armour for Prostitutes’ which you can purchase for a £15,000 (gulp!), stilettos made from ‘lacquered wood, horn, antique roman 24k […]

Les Jeux du Marquis is a creative project range from Italy – super high quality accessories, that contextualise the erotic experience in the most sophisticated way.