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The famous Dutch fetish fashion house was taken over by new owner/designers Louva and Anton Koot and recently starred in a big fashion show at Wasteland, the big Amsterdam club. Louva and Anton had been involved with the previous DeMask ‘Europerve’ parties, but now they were in control…

Ellen started working with latex, PVC ad leather more than 25 years ago, which makes her the first fetish fashion designer in Holland. She is famous for her stunning designs like the bare bottom dress, the catsuit with inflatable breasts and the dildo dress.    

The next Clinic Party will take place June 13th 2009 with guests expected from all over the world, with one goal in mind – experiencing the ultimate fetish night out! Bring your toys and check out their Dungeons. Not only a regular Dungeon but a Couples Only Dungeon as well. Tired of playing? Dance all […]