Substance 666 Three Wise Women, A top geezer and a cauldron of hubble bubble toil and trouble

By on December 29, 2010

I got my lovely boy Santa outfit from Substance 666 Hastings, staffed by three Wise Women who like a laugh and good, quick service.  I bought my Scarlet and Black Lady Goddess a Viennese mask here. Although the shop offers all manner of bongs, legal highs, kinky knick knacks and gifts it’s Fancy Dress that’s all the rage currently. Have we all gone party mad? I was certainly bonkers after two deep bong hits on Salvia Divinorum purchased here. They did warn me it was powerful. As an experienced Lady K hound I thought I could handle the highest grade strength. That was the worst psychic and actual near death experience I have ever had. Even being cradled in Ruth’s arms during the hallucination of everyone I had ever known being torn in half didn’t help.

Have a care, kiddies.

The tall top geezer behind the counter has worked for Howard Stern, the lucky, lucky bastard. Howard does a lot of explicitly sexual humour, no corner of the Fetish underworld is left unprodded. When I saw his show some gorgeous filly was straddling a fucking machine and getting a right seeing to.  Not sure whether these should be allowed as men are more or less obsolete already. Why have a bloke sat on the sofa arguing with you when you can buy a horse-dicked metallic shagatron?Who will actually LISTEN to you.

For occultists Hastings is known as the place Crowley  came to die. Crowley – ‘rhymes with holy’ chant the faithful. As I reincarnated as the Great Beast, well, the slightly lesser Beast if you will, I love this atmospheric seaside town and its shifting cast of Boho relics, washed up artists and people who tired of Anus Mundi, otherwise known as London. Come and join us and buy all your kinky toys from Substance 666.

Mark Ramsden's bottom, YET AGAIN

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