Submissive Girls – A film project for women who love being sexually submissive…

By on July 31, 2008

Strapon Jane and Saffy

If you’re a woman who loves being sexually submissive, or if you’re a man who likes submissive women, you’ll want to know about this…

SubGirls is a new project for submissive women and also couples where the woman is sub. The idea is to gather together some really horny and stylish home movies and distribute them from a membership web site.

So, if you’re a couple with a decent quality camcorder, Jennifer Upton of SubGirls would like to hear from you. Jennifer will also direct a few movies herself, so single women interested in a starring role can also contact her.

Now, SubGirls has nothing against pornography but, if that’s what you want, there’s plenty on the web already. SubGirls is only for genuine women and couples who do this for fun, it’s not for porn stars. So no severe thrashings or blowjobs in the films. You’ll have to do that later.

Jennifer says “We don’t expect Steven Spielberg – we’re talking about home movies here – but do your best with lighting and camera work. Think arty and subtle rather than hardcore. Keep male participation to a minimum – just a shadowy figure or a voiceover is fine. Concentrate on the women.”

Imagine the movies of Maria Beatty – see Or have a look at Skin Two’s own London Fetish Girls – see and you are on the right track. Take a look at the spanking scene in the movie Secretary. And you’d be surprised what you can find on YouTube.

Everything will be totally legal, with all the correct paperwork on record etc. SubGirls has no intention of breaking the law. Income from these films will be shared out. Interested? Women and couples only should drop them a line at:

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