Stiletto Party at The F Cub, London

By on October 26, 2010

Stiletto Foot Fetish PartiesThe F Club is almost unique in the fetish world. They don’t rent premises for the night, like just about everyone else – they actually have their own building, so they control the environment totally. At The F Club, everyone you deal with, from the doorman to the bar manager are all permanent staff under the control of your hosts, Brian and Caroline. This makes a big difference – other clubs have to deal with whatever security, bar staff and management they are lumbered with at assorted venues and it can be a nightmare. That’s why many fetish clubs move around as much as they do.

The F Club is located in an industrial warehouse in South West London. They recently moved to a larger building and now have much more space – they’re about to open up an entire new floor. The industrial setting works really well – the area is deserted at night, so there is plenty of parking and no neighbours to disturb.

Once you get inside, you’ll find a comfortable space, with a bar, dance area, dungeon equipment, comfortable seating… and secluded rooms where you can sneak off with your partner if you feel inclined.

The F Club has a mixed programme of events with various themes. If you’re reading this, you will probably be most interested in the fetish nights, although they do also host swinging parties and relaxed events with no dress code, as well as some more esoteric special interest nights. The thing to do is study the website and pick out a night that appeals.

A favourite of ours is Salon Fetish, a relaxed Friday evening fetish play night that attracts a friendly crowd. If you want to do some serious BDSM, fine, but you’ll feel perfectly comfortable if you have never been to a fetish club and you’re a bit nervous, or if you just want to chat and dance. The next Salon Fetish is this Friday 29th October > Find out more

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These photos were taken at one of the specialist nights, the Stiletto Foot Party. As you can see, the theme is high heels and stockings, legs and feet, etc., but really you can just go along and enjoy the general atmosphere.



alessandro lemos

October 31, 2010 @ 15:18

Awesome and hard!


October 29, 2010 @ 09:57

Looks wonderful – though unable to make this weekend hope you all have great fun and A Tres Bientot, as they say!!!

Look forward to receiving further invites!!!

Take care



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