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@ The Curve Bar

Colchester UK Friday December 27th

Colchester based fetish play club. Please click on event title above to go direct to their site ……. there you will find all details on entry, membership, etc. Club operates a wristband system and here’s how it works ………

White wrist band – For submissives, slaves and bottoms.
Black wrist band – For dominants and tops.
Switches, because they can’t make their minds up, need to buy both bands!
Yellow bands are also available which indicate you do not mind being photographed, and perhaps featured in our gallery!
Green bands are worn by members of staff. You can approach any staff members at any time if you have any concerns or questions. They are there to help.

The wrist band system is in place so that if you don’t want to be approached to play then don’t wear one. If you would like to play then wearing the band is a green light for others to ask you. If you don’t want to play outside of your couple, for example, don’t wear a band. The photography band is necessary to make sure our club photographers knows to avoid you, or to blur you out. We are very strict about all images taken in the club.

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