Spanksticks – Gleaming Black Rubber Canes!

By on December 12, 2011

Spanksticks are a super new product, ideal for anyone who enjoys a bit of corporal punishment – and fancies combining it with rubber…

They are gleaming black rubber coated canes, made from fibreglass, or carbon fibre, or plastic. They are incredibly strong – much more so than traditional rattan wood canes.

Spanksticks come in a variety of widths and lengths, from short and whippy right up to long, thick and heavy (Ouch!). So you can get several of them and play around to see which material, length and thickness is ideal for you – and which keeps your partner in line when they’ve been bad.

The shiny black rubber coating makes Spanksticks look great, so they go very well with your outfit. And the handles have little ridges on them, giving you something to grip. The ridges are different for the different types, so it’s easy to remember which is which. You just need to recall that the one that really makes your sub wince is the one with the four ridges on the handle – or whichever – and that’s the one to reach for when you want to teach them a lesson.

The Spanksticks designer, Thomas, came over to the UK for the recent Skin Two Halloween Ball and we had a chance to try his products out. (Well, we like to be helpful.) Everyone thoroughly enjoyed using them – or having them used on them.

Sub Karla said…

“The small fibreglass cane is very whippy and delivers the sensual sharpness of the normal cane on contact, which is immediately followed by the feel of the cooler plastic on the skin. I would be comfortable to receive it on different areas of the body to varying degrees.

The plastic cane carries a blunter thud deep inside the muscle, can be very painful in experienced hands, so I would not like to receive it from inexperienced ones. It can cause deep bruises if used without caution. Good for the buttocks, but I would never want it delivered anywhere else

Carbon fibre is less flexible than the fibreglass, almost like a garden cane – but without the risk of breakage and splintering.

With them all, you get the added twist of the shiny rubber coating – and the Spanksticks can also be cleaned with ease, which is always a plus when selecting toys. “

Spanksticks are made in Denmark and available direct from their website, or from stockists in several countries, including Honour in the UK and Purple Passion in the USA

Spanksticks full retailer list is here –

and here are some product reviews…

The photos showing the canes in use at Skin Two Halloween Ball were taken by our professional photographer, Helena Eloise –

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